Who we are?


The Centre for Ecological and Community Development (CECD), is a non partisan,and non profit, Civil Society Organization, protecting the environment in Nigeria with special emphasis on tropical rainforests and climate change


The mission of CECD is to protect ecosystems .. the people and wildlife that depend on them, by transforming land use practices, business practices and consumer behaviors with special emphasis on tropical rain forest.

Our Goals

To promote sustainable economic development and social reconstruction along ecological line. To contribute effectively and intellectually to sustainable economic development, preservation of the natural ecosystems as well as promte implimentation of UNFCCC REDD AND millennium development Goals

Our Objectives


  1. Promote the conservation and sustainable management of forests
  2. Contribute to a meaningful reduction in carbon emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation
  3. Maintain forest ecosystems to improve resilience to climate change
  4. Support pro-poor development, especially among forest-dependent communities
  5. Conserve biodiversity and help secure ecosystem service
  6. Urbanization; Housing and climate change awarenss campaign


  1.  Environmental Advocacy and Publicity
  2.  Grassroots mobiltzation
  3.  Capacity Building through workshops etc
  4.  Renewable and Sustainable NTFP Marketing Development Strategies
  5.  Participatory tropical rainforest Conservation projects, Research and Development
  6. collaborates with Development partners,Governments, and research institutions
  7. Foster the implementation of the Nigerian Government Tropical forest Action Plan (TFAP)
  8. Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) at the States and communities.level
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