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 Environmental Advocacy and Publicity  Grassroots mobiltzation  Capacity Building through workshops etc  Renewable and Sustainable NTFP Marketing Development Strategies  Participatory tropical rainforest Conservation projects, Research and Development collaborates with Development partners,Governments, and research institutions Foster the implementation of the Nigerian Government Tropical forest Action Plan (TFAP) Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) at the States and communities.lev

Farmers Rights

Farmers RightsAs its in Article 9, of the International Treaty on famers rightthe International Treaty recognizes the enormous contribution that the local and indigenous communities and farmers of all regions of the world, particularly those in the centers of origin and crop diversity, have made and will continue to make for the conservation and development of plant genetic resources which…

World Water Monitoring Day

INTRODUCTION We know all of us need clean drinking water in order to live. But our rivers  lakes and  freshwater ecosystems  provide us  much more. They water our crops, give us fish to eat, power our factories, light our homes, carry our goods to market and our people back home, and bring us  aesthetic joy.  The UN estimates that in…


DEFORESTATION Deforestation has many negative sides. Loss of trees result in the reduction of earth’s capacity to absorb carbon-dioxide and this is said to be a causing global warming.Warming of the earth’s atmosphere is a major environmental issue of this century and is been aggravated by deforestation and the burning of coal, oil and natural gas which increases the concentration…