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World Water Monitoring Day

World Water Monitoring Day


We know all of us need clean drinking water in order to live. But our rivers  lakes and  freshwater ecosystems  provide us  much more. They water our crops, give us fish to eat, power our factories, light our homes, carry our goods to market and our people back home, and bring us  aesthetic joy.  The UN estimates that in the year 2017, close to 70 percent of the global population will have problems accessing fresh water.  Therefore we need to preserve our watershed and clean water sources by protecting the health of lands and forests around our rivers and lakes – the watershed  keep pollution out of our water. Keeping rivers flowing in healthy ways. We can preserve the benefits that  rivers give us by preserving the patterns of its  high and low flow that orchestrate life in and along rivers Banks. This programme is been package as part of  practical solutions – and new  approach that can help us work together to strike a balance between meeting our water needs today and preserving nature’s ability to continue meeting the  needs in the future..